Cassi gaskins

Katy lives with her husband Todd, their adorable puppy Penny, and Pastor Chee.

Natalie is one of the bride's very closest friends (though don't tell her that - Cassie is still playing hard to get)!

Jani lives in Wichita Falls, Texas (Cassie's birthplace) with her husband Josh, and kids Justin, James, and Jaci. Brittany now lives in Atlanta with her handsome fiance Micah, who Cassie introduced her to, and their diva puppy Dior.

Cassi gaskins-85

Kristen lives in Austin, Texas with her dog (and Abe's best friend) Joe.

Jani is the oldest sister of the bride and the mother of the flower girl.

She's a Super Nintendo queen and can most likely be found taking selfies on Snapchat.

She's also the hottest mom on the block and always a good time! From trips to Disney World, cheer camp, choir camp and the beach, to the many car accidents Cassie got to be apart of every time Brittany got behind the wheel, they've been through it all together.

So is Honey Road, the most buzzed-about opening in the great state of Vermont in recent memory.


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