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Battling its rivals 2UE and 2UW and against stiff resistance from the station's conservative board, Stephenson took 2SM to the top of the ratings, but this success was to be short-lived.By the end of 1965, the CBC had evidently decided that the station's push to capture the youth audience had gone too far and the Good Guys team was disbanded in favour of a more 'mature' approach called "King Radio"."2SMs Two Way Radio", as it was called, was broadcast throughout 1967 and most of 1968.

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From around 1970 until the mid Eighties, 2SM dominated Sydney commercial radio.

At its peak in the late Seventies it was the highest rating and most profitable station in the history of Australian radio.

It epitomised and defined commercial AM Top 40 radio practice around the country for fifteen years and long after 2SM itself lost popularity, its successful programming formula was still influencing its FM band successors like Sydney's Triple-M and Nova.

In those days it was still common for radio and TV stations to close in the late evening and, as many readers will recall, this practice persisted in commercial television well into the Seventies.