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This is somewhat marginal for fine-grained ADMIXTURE analyses, though sufficient for PCA from what I recall.

Geographically these two symmetric admixture events make sense, but the exclusivity is still a bit surprising.

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Unfortunately there are only 62,000 SNPs intersecting with the HGDP.

That being said, the intersection with the Hap Map data sets runs from ~190,000 SNPs, to the full 250,000 SNPs (this makes sense since the Henn et al. So I’ve been experimenting a fair amount in the past few days, and I thought I would post on one issue which was clear in the original paper, but which I have replicated.

Wrong father, though.” According to Jones’ timeline, Ivanka was 1 year into her relationship with then-boyfriend Jared Kushner.

Jones, who has 3 grown children, says he used to hang out with Trump, whom he calls a “crazy motherfucker”.

discerned is relatively a recent phenomenon in northwest Africa, else the Fulani should also carry it. Probably from Classical Antiquity down to the Muslim period.


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